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More Best Available Rates for California Home Loans

Let’s take a chance and talk about something that every home loan owner wants to talk about – did I get ripped off? Once you are in to a home loan and making the payments life is great, unless you … Continue reading

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Shop for the Best Rate in California Home Loans

The California market is being predicted to have a plethora, a whole pot full of foreclosures.  The reason there are going to be so many foreclosures is because the mortgage brokers, real estate agents and lenders were all in a … Continue reading

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Best Rates Today for California Home Loan

Welcome to this wonderful day to find out the best rates available for a home loan in California.  The best rate available for you is the one that you can most afford to enter into on a long term basis.  … Continue reading

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California Home Loan Best Rate Available

Okay – here is the major secret to getting the best rate available for your California home loan or mortgage.   Before you fill out a loan application and provide the lender with your social security number, you fight as hard … Continue reading

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California Home Loan Rates for You

So, if getting a home loan is an impersonal experience because the lender just wants to make a profit, why is it that getting a home loan for your California home is going to be such a personal experience?  There … Continue reading

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